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Romulo Pires Lives Life Full Of Enjoyment

Romulo Pires is a hardworking guy who completes his professional responsibilities as a male supermodel with full dedication and focus. But, in free time, he plays various sports to refresh his mind for next day's work. He practices Muay Thai, which is a combat sport from Muay Martial Arts of Thailand. He says that this particular sport helps him increase his core strength and the strength of the legs. He also plays golf sometimes. He says that whenever he plays golf, he is relieved from stress and tensions.

Romulo Pires has passion towards music also. He likes to play ukulele, a small four-stringed guitar of Hawaiian origin. Playing ukelele soothes his mind. All these hobbies allow him to be ready for fulfilling his professional responsibilities the next day on shoots or fashion shows.


Romulo Pires gets true satisfaction by helping the needy and the poor. He contributes money to the organization 'New York Cares' to help the needy people in the less fortunate boroughs of New York. He feels that we should help the poor in any way we can especially when privileged with a good career. To know more about him, visit his Instagram page at